I guess I wish I grew up in the era of Classic Old Hollywood. My dad introduced me to the iconic movies growing up - Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, La Dolce Vita, Imitation of Life. I would watch countless midday movies and I guess these films forged my style. My style muse is Sophia Loren and my mother. My mother always dressed immaculately and whether she was home or going out, would always be made up and dressed beautifully. My mum has not changed, even today in her mid-seventies you can pop in to see her and find her dressed beautifully, makeup done and accessories adorned.

My Parents

My love affair with jewellery and bags was born. My favourite family photo is where my sister is distraught because I stole her bag (that's me on the left)!

I live in Melbourne, Australia and look forward to bringing you along on this journey of style with me.  This is MyStyle, but I hope you like it as much as I do? My life is all about my family and my friends. They are the essence of me and nothing in life is more important to me. My husband Robert still makes me laugh (& infuriates me as well... I will keep things real here!) and we have two boys, Oliver and Massimo. They are MyLife! So my life is filled very much with a lot of testosterone - sport and "boy movies" now, so gi-a.style is my way to have fun with my femininity and play!

My Family

My girlfriends are my soul sisters. My inspiration and my biggest supporters. gi-a.style only exists from their encouragement. In all of my life's ups and downs, I can always rely on my friends to cheer me up and give me counsel. I am so very blessed. 

My Style Society


So come join the giaStyleSociety and let's have some fun!


Love and Light,