MochiSu Hats

Each MochiSu Hat is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted by the Artisans of La Guajira region. This area, steeped in culture and tradition, is home to the Wayuu people, creators of the beautiful Mochila bag, designed as an essential accessory for both women and men.

MochiSu founder, Krystie Bastidas, wanted to explore the world in which these amazing artisans lived. What she discovered was a harsh reality. The Wayuu tribe face dire environmental, socio-economic and political challenges, ranging from extreme poverty and drought to corruption and contaminated drinking water.

Inspired by the Wayuu tribe’s drive and resilience, Krystie embarked on a journey to help. MochiSu was born out of a strong desire to build a sustainable brand that empowers the Wayuu tribe women to improve their quality of life.

About the Wayuu

The Wayuu, known as the people of sun, sand, and wind, are the largest indigenous ethnic group in Northern Colombia and Northwest of Venezuela.  The region they live in, La Guajira, although breathtaking with the contrast of the desert sand and the blue ocean water, has been deeply affected by a major drought.

The Wayuu live in small settlements where they preserve the traditional language, culture and customs passed down from generation to generation.  A vital aspect of the Wayuu way of life is the art of weaving.  Weaving is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence and creativity and is taken very seriously by the women.

By weaving these hats, the Wayuu women can earn an income for their family while simultaneously sharing their culture and traditions with those who are lucky enough to come upon one.  Each hat takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to complete; it is a true labour of love.  The patterns and colours tell a story which makes each hat one-of-a-kind and as unique as the weaver who made it.

With MochiSu, you will not only be buying a product that will last you a lifetime, but you are also helping to change the lives of these amazing artisans.  By cutting out the middlemen, MochiSu can pay the Wayuu women fairly for their work, which improves their quality of life.



MochiSu from on Vimeo.